Theater Collaborations

I created and produced film/video/slide elements for the following list of Theater Performances: The Tomorrow Project (1999), Written and Directed by Steve Busa, Red Eye Theater, Minneapolis, MN. Vicarious Thrills, (1999), Written by Carolyn Goelzer, Directed by Steve Busa, Red Eye Theater, Minneapolis, MN. Giselle 2000 (2000), Written by Risa Cohen, Directed by Steve Busa, […]

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Art Lessons (1997 & 2003)

Concept Art Lessons satirizes painting – especially painting exemplified by commercialized TV celebrities like Bob Ross in The Joy Of Painting.  Bernhard Huwiler and I first questioned the proposition that anyone, faithfully following the instructions of Bob Ross, could create a painting replicating the one Mr. Ross paints during his half hour instructional demonstration.  Bernhard earnestly

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In Twenty Minutes

Concept “In Twenty Minutes” looks at the unintended consequences of Human Cloning.  “Betty” and “Walter” are adversarial advisors to “Delilah” (an infertile young woman) who’s uncertainty is equal to her desire to birth a child.  The script for this theater work formed the basis for “Can’t Leave It Alone, again” – a video installation sampled

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