Getting LUCKY

Concept LUCKY is the “anomaly”, the “other”, the “odd ball”, the “outlier”.  This can be a position of shame or empowerment depending the onlooker’s expectations and need.  In this installation, LUCKY is one plus 99 identical clones (think of:  “99 bottles of beer on the wall…”).  A broadcasted (in the gallery) audio refrain reciting the

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Can’t Leave It Alone, again (2004 & 2009)

Concept Can’t Leave it Alone, again (2004 & 2009) is a conversation between four barn animals and a young, infertile, woman that is contemplating the cloning of herself.  This 33 minutes conversation covers many of the social, political, legal, moral, ethical, familial and personal unintended consequences of human (and animal) cloning.  Each character voices their

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In Twenty Minutes

Concept “In Twenty Minutes” looks at the unintended consequences of Human Cloning.  “Betty” and “Walter” are adversarial advisors to “Delilah” (an infertile young woman) who’s uncertainty is equal to her desire to birth a child.  The script for this theater work formed the basis for “Can’t Leave It Alone, again” – a video installation sampled

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The Anomaly

Concept The anomaly has a clear role in society and science.  It is the “odd ball”, the “outcast”, the “other”.  We define ourselves and the contingency of truth through the presence of that persistent point of difference that never seems to go away.  In these two artworks, the anomaly is named LUCKY.  In so many

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Cloning Errors and How I Tried To Get Rid Of LUCKY

Concept “Cloning Errors…” addresses the one of the primary problems inherent in the technology of cloning animals: errors.  These errors are necessarily inherent in genetic processes beginning at the level of nucleotide substitution and throughout the developmental process to birth.  Crisper Technology has a way of correcting for these errors but this practice has yet

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Human cloning is widely viewed with fascination and trepidation.  Since the cloning of Dolly. the Scottish sheep, cloning has become routine for many species and tissue types.  However, even with the precision of Crisper technology, the cloning of humans remains  forbidden by state actors in nearly every first-world country.  Two categorical reasons for this prohibition

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