Biology was my first profession and passion. I was (and still am) captivated by the structure and function of “life” revealed by the images, schematics, and narratives told by explorers and scientists.  The once strong marriage between biology (science-at-large) and culture is now in divorce proceedings.  General misunderstanding of biology (its’ tools, techniques and language)  have led to a complex of mistrust, conspiratorial claims, and anti-institutional posturing throughout the world.  As a biologist turned artist I want to explore the origins of that mistrust by asking questions about some of the unintended consequences of biological knowledge and assiciated technology.  For example, what would it mean to have a human clone living among us?  How do we recover fully from surgical procedures that we cannot comprehend?  And, are there ways to use biological information to inform us about ourselves and our histories through art?

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