“Satellite Surveillance” at the Temporary Contemporary (MOCA)

Concept This installation utilizes the views through skylites in the roof of this exhibition hall.  A French satellite that orbits the earth views this area of the planet once every 26 days.  I have delineated the satellites view of the walls and floor of this exhibition hall under one of the many skylites viewed concurrently […]

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Satellite Surveillance at the Soap Factory

Concept For the group exhibition Material/Immaterial at the Soap Factory Gallery  (1997) I delineated the view that orbiting satellites have of the gallery interior through a west-facing exterior window.   Included were documents showing how this view was calculated and statements regarding what such an intervention might mean to all of us believing in the privacy

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D is for Drawing

Concept This project was jointly conceived and performed with the late Swiss artist and filmmaker Bernhard Huwiler (1957-20).   Our idea was to create a tool for making large-scale drawings overland that could be only fully visualized from the distant sky but experience intimately as if the drawer were the pencil tip.  The medium (blue sand)

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Installation, Satellite Surveillance

Satellite Surveillance

Concept Satellites have been continuously surveilling our Earth by cameras of various types and magnification since 1978.  Prior to that time surveillance platforms like America’s U2 high flying planes have been active since the Eisenhower Administration in the 1950’s for use in surveilling our military and political friends and foes.  Today satellite surveillance is a commercial enterprise available to

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