Gerald Smith is a Minnesota-based artist and teacher.  He works with a wide variety of media and content with a special interest in making art about common beliefs and foundational structures underlying scientific, cultural, social, mental, aesthetic and emotional paradigms we all know well.  His artwork aims to be both critical, and comical.  He views art as a semiotic language everyone of us understands well and through which we can easily share complex ideas and emotions.   His artwork aims to make this exchange illuminating and enjoyable.


He began his professional life as a biologist (Coelenterate and human respiratory systems).  Intellectual conflict with his conservative religious upbringing forced him to dig deeper into his foundational beliefs and to answer questions we all ask about who and why we are.  Since he determined that Art was a better vehicle for this exploration he re-directed his efforts into studying Aesthetics, Art History, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, and Contemporary Critical Theory.  These are the tools he now takes with him into Stem Cell Studios – his multi-media arts laboratory.

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